Fisherman's Soap and Orange Gifts

I'm participating in the reddit secret santa initiative and thought some homemade fisherman's soap would be a great gift!

You can find the recipe for this soap in the shared soap recipes section.

Winter Moisturizing Soap

With winter coming, I thought I'd make a extra moisturizing soap. This soap takes a simple base and adds moisturizers like Lanolin, Shea Butter and Vit. E. The receipe can be found here

Milk Based Homemade Soap

This video is an updated version of a previous video that had audio problems. This is a quick video to show the process I went through to create a very nice soap with lavender flowers embedded in it. The soap is made with milk (heavy whipping cream) and then palm oil, coconut oil, soybean oil and cocoa butter. I added Vitamin E, Peach coloring and Lotus Blossom fragrance after the soap reached trace. Enjoy!

Woody Suspend Soap

Homemade Summer Forest Lye Soap

Summer Soap - Molds and Cutting

This is a two part video (because of size restrictions not time) in this first part I go over the different types of molds and things to set them up.
Part 1:

Part 2:

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